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Why Chiropractic Care Is Bad?

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It's because its rule of law, its independence. And people have, like, freedoms. And they can express, you know, what they want, you know. But nowadays, you know, the government doesn't seem to agree that. And they don't even try to is chiropractic real reddit protect those kind of rights of the people. MARTIN: That sounds like a lot of frustration about this one country, two systems model that China was supposed to be upholding when it took over Hong Kong. So it sounds to me that people feel that that's not really the case. SCHMITZ: Yeah. I think the big concern here is that it's more one country, rather than two systems at this point. And this week, that frustration extended to the international community. Yesterday at a press conference in Beijing, a spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry told reporters that the blueprint for this model of governance, which was agreed upon between Great Britain and China back in the 1980s in what's called the Joint Declaration, has lost its significance. Now, that was a big deal because here you had a high-level Chinese official basically saying that a treaty signed with China and Great Britain on the future governance of Hong Kong, a treaty that China agreed to in order for Great Britain to even hand over the city, a treaty that was then submitted to the United Nations, that this treaty was meaningless. So this comment has caused a wave of concern within diplomatic circles worldwide. You know, Great Britain was quick to come out and criticize the stance by the Chinese. And it came up in today's protests among Hong Kong residents, who are worried that China is tearing up its agreement to allow Hong Kong a fair degree of autonomy. MARTIN: So are there deeper implications then for anybody signing international agreements with China?

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