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Milligan has completed several advanced trainings related to personal injury including: Diagnostics, Risk Factors, Clinical Presentation and Triaging the Trauma Patient Neurodiagnostic Testing Protocols, Physiology and Indications for the Trauma Patient Crash Dynamics and Its Relationship to Causality Neurodiagnostics, Imaging Protocols and Pathology of the Trauma Patient Documenting Clinically Correlated Bodily Injury to Causality Documentation and Reporting for the Trauma Victim MRI Spine Interpretation and Spinal Biomechanical Engineering-Primary Spine Care Radiography, X-Ray Supervisor and Operator Certification Partnering with Dr. Milligan is Dr. Atherton Sorrenti, DC. A fellow graduate of the prestigious Parker University in Dallas Texas, Dr. Sorrenti, DC received her doctorate following her undergraduate degree from Campbell University in Kinesiology. After graduation, Dr. Sorrenti perfected her knowledge of pediatric chiropractic care and personal injury at several highly-regarded practices in Texas and California before taking over her current practice. Dr. Sorrenti has completed several advanced trainings related to personal injury including: Clinically Applicable Exercise Physiology – Spinal Rehabilitation Webster Technique Certification 2014 – International Chiropractic Association The Essentials of Chiropractic Care for Children Full-spine Segmental Evaluation and Adjusting Exam how can chiropractic help bursitis procedures. Pediatric analysis and adjustment with emphasis on Thompson, Logan analysis Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols: Correcting Primary Spinal and Cranial Subluxation Patterns Mastery of Chiropractic Principles and Practice The full team at Del Mar Chiropractic Sports Group is very well regarded in the med-legal go to the website community and the practice assists personal injury patients with their physical injuries and legal cases by offering: Individualized treatment plans for each patient with no generic approaches. Their vast array of services includes chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy Same day and next day appointments to provide prompt pain relief Detailed and accurate documentation of injuries and med-legal reports completed within two weeks of patient discharge Thorough communication with personal injury law firms to ensure legal cases progress as quickly as possible Referrals to qualified orthopedists, neurologists, and imaging facilities. Says Doctors on Liens President, Samantha Parker, "What I really love about our new practice in Del Mar is how they use an approach to chiropractic that includes discovering any underlying causes of pain and makes whole body adjustments in order to get the patient back to normal as quickly as possible. It's no wonder that so many of their personal injury patients end up getting wellness care after their recovery. And when you include the added expertise of their acupuncturists and massage therapists, it really is a comprehensive approach." Doctors on Liens is an innovator in the medical lien specialty referral industry and has forged close relationships with both legal firms and medical practices over the past 20 years. Doctors on Liens features medical specialties including board certified orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, general practitioners, psychologists, and chiropractors.

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